Edited at 19.02.2021 – Who killed macbeth?

Who Did The MacBeth Kill?

The question that many readers ask when they come across the story is, is it true or false? This is derived from the fact that the movie is set in the year 1533. Since the book is based on the events of the earlier novel by the same title, it is evident that the period is widely agreed to be the actual time that the said killer took place. It then stands to reason that the early years of the play’s writing are not a straightforward one for the author to perpetuate the myth.

Furthermore, this is a huge leap from the historical setting of the film. The early days of the plot take place several hundred and fifty years after the event that leads up to the death of the main character, played by Daniel Day. After the unfortunate deaths of the characters, the hero learns of the dark forces possessing the bodies of the victims. He makes a plan to

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