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Steps to Follow When Writing an Argumentative Essay

When a teacher assigns an assignment that requires the student to argue, interpret, explain, and analyze a particular concept, it is simple for them to assume the task is given. However, to ensure that the writer delivers quality work, he or she has to follow specific steps to achieve this. These are the factors that will motivate the learner to put more effort into the paper.

Interpret the Assignment and Create an Outline

Before getting to the actual start of the argumentative essay, the scholar has to create an outline. Usually, the purpose of an outliningis to organize the different aspects of the composition. An overview acts as a guide to enable a student to weave the points together, which leads to a successful conclusion. Lack of focus often makes readers lose interest before reading the entire document. Therefore, an outline helps to structure the theoretical study ahead of the main body.

Know the Task

To get the plot of the argumentative essay right, one has to know the topic and its demands. By understanding the problem, a student is able to research the subject, and to take relevant actions to formulate a position on the issue. Every aspect of the case has to be clearly articulated.

Research Extensively

Without enough material to support the claim made, it is impossible to generate any high-quality counterarguments. The same can be said about an exposition, where a researcher does not have sufficient time to investigate a point after another.

Thus, to avoid missing vital information when drafting the introduction, scholars must gather all the necessary sources and publications related to the subject and then craft an intriguing thesis statement. This ensures that the arguments in the introductory section flow naturally and are not vague. This results in a better presentation and saves on time spent making adjustments whenever the theme is changed.

Craft an Interesting Conclusion

While the first part of the paragraph is supposed to appear straightforward, the rest of it depends on the length of the article. It is always wise to try to think of an exciting ending. A conclusive amalgam of the facts presented in the text is a way to remind the reader of the key ideas. Nevertheless, it should not include new concepts that were not discussed earlier.

A reasonable end creates a sense of closure and shows the author’s ability to synthesize https://forums.tornbanner.com/user/bebasikkk the thoughts and give justice to the controversial issues. Finally, it reminds the audience of the credibility of the originator of the controversial terms used in the text.

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