Personal Statement Editing Made Easy

Quick Tips When Editing Your Personal Statement

When a school asks you to write a personal statement, you understand that it will be part of the admission process. As such, every candidate is expected to show that they have the right personality and qualities that the institution is looking for. Thus, you are required to write a persuasive essay about yourself.

Part of this writing involves proofreading your work to eliminate mistakes and ensure that only relevant information is undergraduate dissertation introduction included. Part of this process involves reaching out to professional editing services. Professional editing services are often more skilled and thorough than you would be because they have been in the industry for longer. As such, their professionalism assures you of getting the best possible personal statement that meets your application requirements.

If you are unsure of how to proceed, then this guide should help you learn the basics of editing your own personal statement.

Start Early

Part of the editing process for a personal statement is to ensure that you start early. When you start editing earlier, you are able to do it thoroughly. That is, you will have enough time to eliminate mistakes that might make your document to look unprofessional. When you rush this process, you might end up missing some crucial elements that could make you stand out.

Start by saving all of your old drafts. After each task is complete, read it to ensure that it is clean. If there are any instances where you did not carry out a thorough edit, save a copy for later review. Once that is done, look for patterns of mistakes and occurrences of unclear words. Check for phrases that are hard to understand, and cases where you did not expound on a concept fully.

Additionally, it is a good idea to print a hard copy and read it out loud. This is to help you identify silent moments that might cost you a points score if you fail to pick them up. If you do not have time to edit your paper, then the printout will serve as a reminder of what you should have done.

Eliminate Any Irrelevant Information

Personal statements are usually advertised as stating why you are the best candidate for the particular course. Hence, candidates are required to explain themselves fully. To do this effectively, it helps to know what might make you not be a good fit for the course. This includes things like your academic performance, non-academic achievements, your personality, and interests. Is there any information here that does not relate to the course you are applying for?

Once you have eliminated all the irrelevant data, read through the personal statement again. This time, ensure that you are thorough. Take note of any instances where you answered the question properly or came up with an interesting answer. Additionally, it is a good idea to refer to the document you wrote a while ago and ensure that your version is original.

Focus on Formulating a Strong Argument

Part of the editing process is to ensure that you have included all the necessary components of the personal statement. The strongest argument should be at the centre of the paper. If you are not able to develop a clear and strong argument, then other sections might take their place. This might make the personal statement seem disorganized and confusing to the reader.

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