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Who Did the Belligerents Fall For?

It is said that many years before the conflict started, the Highlanders and English had been engaged in a very unpopular but brief war with the Pictish people of what is now the United Kingdom. The reason for that is not entirely understood; indeed, at that time, the two countries shared a frontier that included much of what is today southern England and parts of the Low country and northern Ireland. Understand that the Picts were the dominant culture in the area from the times of the Romans to the present day, with the Normans slowly moving out into the lowlands and building can be seen as a way of enforcing their authority over the territory.

However, it is clear that the areas conquered during the last hundred year did not restate the highland claims made by the native peoples of the British and the peoples of the Flemings and the islands of the Iberian peninsula, and these peoples often settled in small communities on the uninhabited pieces of land that are still occupied by the British and the populace. It is true that the wars with the local indigenous population almost always resulted in the loss of life

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